December 24, 2019

Foods to Warm Your Soul This Winter

It’s cold. The wind is blustery, leaving your face feeling chapped. Not to mention it’s dark so early, making the thought of coming home from work and making a meal seem as strenuous as running a marathon. In the middle of a blizzard in Alaska. 

We know you’d rather snuggle down in PJs and call in a pizza. But what if we have a better suggestion–some cozy winter meals from Grico’s?

With our cash and carry options, Grico’s catering is perfect for any day of the week. Or, better yet, call us for a reservation and make it a night out–trust us, you deserve one. But, we’re hungry and we bet you are too. Let’s take a look at some of our menu offerings to make you feel warm, full and fuzzy.

Soup Du Jour

We offer daily soups so every visit you can try something new. And in the winter, there is nothing better than a nice bowl or cup of soup, some fresh, warm bread, and good company. 

Some soups we’ve offered in the past include New England clam chowder, corn chowder, smoked sausage gumbo, seafood bisque, Italian wedding, scallop, and roasted red pepper bisque; tomato, sausage, and white bean soup, and shrimp and scallop Louisiana soup. 


We’ll admit, pasta is a year-round dish for us. But extra carbs to keep you fueled for the cold winter days certainly helps!

May we suggest our penne bolognese with a rich, meaty sauce? Or our Cappellini with meatballs and our award-winning classic red sauce? And, don’t forget, full orders of pasta are served with a house salad.


Maybe a hearty steak is what your heart and tummy desire. Or, perhaps a delightful 14 oz. pork chop.


If you’re looking for something lean, our chicken and veal can be served in a variety of ways  including:

  • Marsala – mushrooms in sweet Italian wine sauce
  • Francaise – over spinach in lemon butter
  • Saltimbocca – prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, and spinach
  • Scampi – with garlic and white wine
  • Parmesan – with cheese and red sauce
  • Melanzone – sliced fried eggplant, fresh mozzarella, and vodka sauce


What’s a meal out without a drink or two? Stop by our vintage 1930s bar to grab a glass that warms you up.  We recently took a look at some winter wine favorites for the season!

No matter what meal or beverage you like, Grico’s has you covered. Stop in tonight for date night, or a friend’s get-together. We’re here for every occasion!

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Every Day at Grico’s!

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