December 4, 2019

Walking in a Winter Wine-derland

The weather outside is frightful, but a sweet glass of wine is oh, so delightful. As those of us in NEPA hunkerdown for another long winter forecast, consider making your season a little more merry and bright with these winter wines. 

We took a look at California Wine Appellation Specialist, Karen Frazier’s suggestions to help find the right wine for you.  

So if you have no place to go, grab a glass, and a snack, and let it snow, snow, snow. 


For those looking for a crowd-pleasing winter beverage, zinfandel has you covered. Zinfandel’s flavor profile features hints of jam, berries, black pepper, cherry, plum, and licorice. This drink hits all the holiday notes. 

Not sure what to serve with zinfandel? Try out this grilled steak recipe from Zinfandelic.

Nebbiolo – A Light Wine with a Bold Flavor

Looking for a light wine with a surprisingly bold flavor? Nebbiolo is the drink for you. With a light color and fragrance of red fruit and rose aromas, you’ll be shocked to find that the moment it passes your lips, your mouth is in for a surprise. With a leathery flavor followed by cherry, coffee, and anise, you’re in for a treat. 

Pair your charcuterie board of brie, feta or goat cheese and prosciutto with a glass. Your taste buds will be delighted. 


If you prefer a wine that evolves, you’ll want to splurge on a bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. As it ages, the rich raspberry and plummy fruit flavors sweep across your taste buds, bursting into notes of dusted leather, game, and herbs. 

Pair it with this Moroccan Vegetable Tagine recipe. 

Tawny Port

Tawny port’s flavor profile is pulled straight from a Christmas recipe book. Full of nutty flavors that develop into caramelized figs, dates, and prunes, it’s sure to be the drink of the holiday season. 

For a decadent treat, pair tawny port with cheesecake, tiramisu, or pumpkin and pecan pie. 

Oaked Chardonnay – A Full-Bodied White Wine

For those who like a full-bodied white wine, the oaked chardonnay is for you. According to Wine Folly, flavors for this type of chardonnay range from “a richer profile of lush tropical fruit, grilled pineapple, butterscotch and vanilla to a lighter profile of poached pear, lemon curd, baked apple and a textural chalky minerality.”

Pair your chardonnay with lobster bisque.

German Riesling

The German Riesling tends to be a sweeter wine. With a flavor profile of berries, fruit, citrus and an array of aromas, there’s a reason it’s one of Germany’s most noteworthy wines. 

A classic meal pairing with Riesling is spiced duck leg.

Want to learn more about the German Riesling? Reserve your spot at the Fall Wine School Series: A Tour of Austria and Germany at Cork Restaurant

Sparkling Wine

Want some bubbly that isn’t champagne? With a variety of sparkling wine on the market, you’re sure to find one that fits your flavor needs.

Town & Country magazine started your list of must-tries this winter. 

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