August 20, 2019

The Best Cut: The Different Cuts of Beef Steak

Do you know the best sound in the world? Hearing the sound of a steak hitting the grill. Listen closely. Can you hear the sizzle of the fat hitting the fire? The roar of the flame as a drop of beef juice hits the grill? And the smell, oh the smell. Just thinking of it makes you hungry, doesn’t it?

For many like us, steak is near and dear to our hearts. It is one of the most consumed types of food. There is also a multitude of options when it comes to steak. Ribeye, skirt, flank — which one is the right one cut for you?

Let’s break it down.

Steak: A Definition

Steak is usually a cut of meat that has been sliced across the muscle fibers of an animal. It may or may not include a bone. There are some exceptions to the rule, such as skirt or flank.

It does not just refer to meat from a cow. In fact, steak can come from pork, fish, lamb, or even portobello mushrooms!

For our conversation today, we’re going to focus on the most popular cuts of beef steak.


Tenderloin Steak Grico's
Also known as a filet or the infamous filet mignon, the tenderloin is the most expensive cut of steak. It is cut from under the ribs of the cow and is known as the tenderest of all the steaks, with a lean and fine-grained texture. Since it’s a smaller cut than most steaks, a tenderloin is usually a thicker cut of meat. It tastes very mild and almost buttery.

The New York Strip

New York Strip Steak Grico's
A short loin that is cut from behind the ribs, the New York strip is rectangular. Well-marbled, large pieces of fat can be found around the edge of the cut. Not as tender as other cuts of steak, the New York strip is a beef lover’s dream and has a nice balance of lean meat to fat ratio.


Porterhouse Steak Grico's
Also known as the T-bone, the porterhouse cut is taken from the cross-section of the short loin. It is usually in the shape of a T, with meat on both sides of the bone. Fat marbling can be found throughout the beef. It’s almost like eating two steaks in one – on one side of the bone, you have the buttery flavors of a tenderloin whereas on the other side you will find a juicy, meaty New York Strip.


Ribeye Steak Grico's
A ribeye comes from the upper ribcage of the cow. Known also as a Scotch fillet or a Delmonico, a ribeye has a lot of fat marbling throughout the meat, with large pockets of fat that can be found throughout the steak. With so much fat, a ribeye tastes like an extremely beefy, juicy delight.

Flank Steak

Flank Steak Grico's
As you can imagine, the flank steak comes from, well, the flank – right along the cow’s abdomen, below the loin and sirloin. It’s a pretty lean piece of meat, without a lot of fat and can be quite fibrous. This type of meat is best to eat in thin strips to make it more tender and does well in a marinade.

Skirt Steak

Skirt Steak Grico's

Do not confuse this with a flank! The skirt steak is taken from the diaphragm muscles of the cow. An extremely long and thin piece of meat, you can see the muscle fibers running across the piece of meat. It’s much beefier in taste than the flank steak.

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