April 15, 2022

The Best Cut: The Steaks of Grico’s

Who doesn’t love a nice juicy steak? Steaks are so popular that there are restaurants dedicated to the cut of meat called steakhouses. There are no chicken houses or pork houses, are there?. With so many steaks to choose from, it’s natural that you only want the best of the best. Having more steak options than you know what to do with is not how you find the best steaks. Coming to Grico’s is.

But we don’t only serve steaks for our dinner menu. We have several steaks available as part of our catering menu as well. You try steaks when you dine at Grico’s and when you want the best steaks for a party, a wedding, or another function, our catering can serve you then too.

All of our steaks can be topped with creamy blue cheese sauce or pepe sauce with mushrooms, brandy, cream, and black pepper crust. Let’s check out some of the options when you dine at Grico’s.

Delmonico Steak

On our dining menu, we have several dishes with Delmonico steak. This popular steak has been around since the 1840s, but since it was created so long ago, no one remembers how it was originally cut. That’s why we have our own way of serving it so that it meshes well with the sides and the sauces we pair steaks with.

Then we also serve two different sizes, so you can have as much as you want. We have “The King” variant, which is 24-ounces of the best boneless steak you can get for dinner. For someone who wants a little less, we have “The Prince,” which is 16-ounces of that same great steak.

Roasted Sliced Filet Mignon

Filet mignon comes from beef tenderloin and is served in a large cut that gives it versatility when paired with other food. With this steak, we believe in the more the merrier, so that when you use our Upscale Buffet catering menu, you get as much as you can eat.

With this catering menu, the steaks–like other meats–are served with Bordelaise, Madeira, Wild Mushroom and Brandy, or Diane Sauce. All of them can add so much flavor to a roasted slice of filet mignon. All of these are great choices that provide a different kind of taste to the meat, whether it be spicy, salty, or sweet. It’ll be the best steak you’ve ever had in a buffet.

Roasted Whole Strip Loin

This is perfect for holiday dinners when it’s most popular. When you need catering for a holiday party with the family or a work function, the Grand Buffet menu promises you’ll have the best strip loin you can get.

Strip loins are cut from the top of a cow’s short loin. This meat is usually tender but not as tender as a rib eye or tenderloin. This is because it’s specifically from a cow that doesn’t do much work. If you or your guests want something softer to chew on compared to some other steaks, this is the best steak you can have.

Get the Best Steaks at Grico’s

Steaks are some of the best meat dishes someone can get. If you want something tender, chewy, juicy, and full of protein, it’s your go-to meal. But when you get steak almost anywhere, we go above and beyond to make the best and to pair it with sauces and sides that assure you won’t soon forget.

And you don’t have to only have it for dinner. We have the best steaks for dinner and catering, so whether you want to eat out, eat at home, or eat at a venue, you can get a steak from Grico’s. Make a reservation online for dinner and contact us to learn more about our catering services at afriedman@gricosrestaurant.com or 570-690-3339.