October 5, 2021

Buffets vs. Themed Menus: What You Need to Know

Whether you’re hosting a party or attending one, most of us have that one thing on our mind… What kind of food will be served? At the center of every good gathering is even better food! At Grico’s, we know it’s important to have a wide variety of dishes to fit the needs of all your friends and family. If you’re uncertain about which of our catering options best suits your party, let us help you out!

We offer several different buffet options, as well as several themed menus. With buffet-style catering, you can choose which food you want large trays of. Essentially, you’re choosing what to order, but your guests get to choose how much they want to eat.

Themed menus are for smaller, more intimate get-togethers. Menus allow your guests to choose what they want to eat from a menu that best fits the theme of your party. Although every party is different, we’re sure that we have something that will work for your special occasion.


Grico’s has four different options when it comes to buffet-style catering. Each of these options is important to consider based on how large your party is and what your budget is.

  • The classic buffet comes with one starter, 2 entrees, and 2 sides.
  • The elegant buffet features one salad, 2 entrees, 3 sides, and a chef-manned carving station.
  • The upscale buffet gives you the option of 2 starters, 3 entrees, 3 sides, and a chef-manned carving station.
  • The Grand Buffet comes with 6 appetizers of your choice, 3 salads, 3 proteins, 3 sides, and one pasta.

Each of these options come with their own advantages based on your specific party, but overall, buffets are great when serving a large group of people. Buffets urge guests to get up and move, which makes them more social and creates a fun atmosphere during your party. They are also great for allowing your guests to personalize their plate, including what food they choose to eat and how big their portions are. Most of the time, buffets are the cheaper option when catering a party, so if you’re looking for some delicious food on a budget, one of our versatile buffet menus is the way to go!

Themed Menus

Grico’s offers two different themed menus, a picnic menu and a late-night menu. The picnic menu is exactly what it sounds like — a menu that helps put on the perfect picnic or BBQ! This catering option lets you choose 2 types of meat and 3 sides. The late-night menu is our favorite menu option, featuring mini cheeseburgers, pizza, mini chocolate chip cookies, and a smores bar. The late-night menu is perfect for football Sundays, birthday parties, and even graduations!

Themed menus allow our guests to try some options that aren’t always available on our regular on-site menu. While these menu options are also customizable, they don’t feature the same options that the buffet does. Themed menus take your party to the next level and your guests will think so too!

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