February 11, 2020

Be a Cut Above the Rest With These Steaks this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just days away, you may be in the last-minute scramble to make sure your sweetheart has the perfect night. But with all this pressure to buy gourmet chocolates and ridiculous gifts that you don’t really want to buy and she really doesn’t want, what are you supposed to do? That’s where Grico’s comes in. We have the most delectable steaks to make your Valentine’s Day a cut above the rest. 

So get ready to dig into a delicious cut of sultry steak at Grico’s.

The Classic: Filet Mignon

Filet mignon is the classic steak for most diners as it is the most tender cut you can find. It’s also a leaner option, so for people who don’t enjoy the fattiness of other cuts, this is the perfect option! At Grico’s, we offer 8 oz filet mignons, broiled to your liking so you have room for dessert–maybe chocolate-covered strawberries perhaps?

Did you know that filet mignon is also known as tenderloin and tends to be the most expensive cut of steak and is cut from under the ribs of the cow?

Try Grico’s filet mignon with pepe sauce – mushrooms, brandy, cream, and black pepper crust.

Ribeye: Fit for Royalty

You want your valentine to feel like royalty this February 14, don’t you? And no, we don’t mean buy her some bedazzled crown. Give her a meal that is fit for the monarchs! 

Grico’s serves up 24 oz and 16 oz boneless Delmonico steaks. Named the King and Prince respectively, this steak has great flavor on its own or served with a sauce. 

The ribeye comes from the upper ribcage of the cow and has quite a bit of fat marbling throughout the meat which creates that juicy, beefy flavor. 

Wine and Dine Your Valentine!

Now that you have your dishes picked, you’ll want to consider which wines to cheers with. 

If you plan on eating your filet mignon with just salt and pepper, a Pinot Noir is the perfect pairing. But if you plan on ordering your steak with sauce, go for a richer Chardonnay. 

If ribeye is the object of your affection, pop a bottle of cabernet sauvignon or zinfandel. 

Ready to dazzle your Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is all weekend long at Grico’s which means it’s time to call and book your table! If you are looking to reserve a table for Saturday or Sunday, please call Manager Shauna Strellish at 570-654-9120 to inquire about availability.

Enjoy the perfect steak at Grico’s!

Ready to cut into a delicious steak? Our selection of succulent steaks can feed your need for meat. And remember, all our steaks can be topped with either a creamy blue cheese sauce or our Pepe sauce – a mixture of mushrooms, brandy, cream, and black pepper.

So don’t delay! Reserve your table and order your favorite steak at Grico’s today!

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