January 28, 2020

The Benefits of a Buffet-Style Wedding Reception

Let’s face it–the modern bride has a lot on her mind: the venue, the color scheme, the flowers, the bridal party, the music, etc. All of this and more on top of working her nine-to-five job. But one growing trend that has made the bride’s life easier when it comes to planning the big day is the option to have a buffet-style wedding reception. It’s true–fifty percent of couples choose a buffet-style reception, according to Wedding Wire. Not sure if the buffet-style wedding is for you? See how Grico’s in Exeter can help you say, “I Do.”

Cost & Choice

For many couples, the cost is a large component of wedding decisions. One way couples try to save money is on a buffet-style reception. Though you’ll order the same amount of food, you may be able to hire less additional help outside of your catering team to clean up the meal. However, talk to your catering coordinator to see how they can work within your budget as many factors like the size of the reception will determine the cost.

Along with the cost, many couples are concerned with choice. When you select a buffet-style wedding as opposed to a sit-down meal or family-style, your guests will have more variety in their entree selections. Which is great for guests with different dietary needs. 

Did you know when you select Grico’s to cater your wedding day, you can pick to have your reception at our Exeter location or at another venue? We even provide everything you need like linens, china, flatware, glassware, and a complete professional staff, to save you the cost of having to outsource your dining items elsewhere. 

Mix & Mingle

Not only does the buffet-style wedding allow your guests to have a variety of menu items, but it also allows your friends and family to mix and mingle when they grab a plate. The key to having the buffet go smoothly during the reception is to have attendants keep tables and lines moving to ensure everyone has a chance to eat before dancing begins. 


Decorating for your wedding day is stressful–especially if you are the DIY bride taking it on yourself. But many couples don’t realize your buffet can become part of the wedding decor. Consider using elegant chafing dishes, incorporating flowers, and decorative food cards to highlight the features of each dish.

Wedding planning is stressful. But by using Grico’s in Exeter for your buffet-style wedding, it doesn’t have to be.

Ready to say “I Do” to Grico’s Catering?

Your love story is unique. Obviously, you want your wedding day to reflect your personality. We can help you do that and more! Contact our Catering Coordinator, Allison, to discuss details. Email her at afriedman@gricosrestaurant.com or call at 570-690-3339.

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“ My husband and I had our wedding at Friedman Farms this past Saturday and we had the pleasure of having Gricos cater. We cannot begin to describe how wonderful everything was. We have not stopped receiving compliments on the food since Saturday! The staff at Gricos went above and beyond anything we ever imagined! Thank you so much for making our wedding a night we will never forget!” -Janie Murray 

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