February 15, 2022

Benefits of Having a Catered Buffet

Whenever you’re planning an event, you don’t only have to decide what food will be served, but how you want it served. Will the event have plated meal services, a buffet, or will it be shared family-style? Each event is different, so certain types of meal services will be better for certain events. However, for many events, a buffet will likely be your best option. Here are some of the top benefits of having a catered buffet at your next event.

There Are More Options

Typically with other serving options, guests can choose in advance what type of meat they want or if they need a meat-free meal. This allows guests to have a say in what they want, but there’s often only one side dish and vegetable. If guests don’t like this, there’s not much that can be done. However, buffets allow guests to choose every aspect of their meal. You can select several options for meat, sides, and vegetables to create a menu that you think your guests will like the most. There’s nothing worse than going to an event where there’s nothing you like to eat, and a buffet helps prevent this.

Guests Can Choose Their Portions

Buffets don’t only provide flexibility in that they allow guests to pick which food they want, but they also allow guests to decide how much of each food they want. Everyone has different appetites, so plated services could give some guests too much, while others will finish and still be hungry. Guests might also want more of one food and less of the others.

Seconds May Be Available

Special events can be hours long, and this is time that your guests won’t be eating. For some, one plate just won’t be enough. Often, guests can get seconds after everyone has gotten their first plate. The best guests are happy, well-fed guests, and you can’t do seconds with plated services. No one wants to be left hungry during an event, and a buffet helps ensure that your guests will get to decide how much they eat.

It Gets People Moving and Talking

Not only are buffets great because of the flexibility they offer, but they also add to the social aspect of your event. When guests stay seated during dinner, there are fewer opportunities to talk to guests at other tables. A buffet helps break things up and gives people the chance to get up out of their seats for a little while and move around. Guests will feel more comfortable getting to mix and mingle as they get their food, which is important for any type of event.

Let Grico’s Provide Catering for Your Next Event

At Grico’s, we offer a wide range of buffet catering options. We offer traditional buffet menus, like elegant and classic buffets, but we also have options that are a little more unique, like late-night food and pig roasts. We cater to many different occasions, from corporate lunches to family celebrations to weddings. Good food is the most important part of any event, big or small, and you can’t go wrong with a catered buffet provided by Grico’s.

Contact us today to find out how to get our catering services for your next special event.