August 10, 2023

Why do we throw tomatoes?

Why do we throw tomatoes?

The origins of the festival are largely unknown, no one is completely certain how this event originated. Possible theories on how the Tomatina began include a local food fight among friends. A popular story tells of a group of teenagers who engaged in a food fight after a summertime religious celebration in the 1940s.

Who created the tomato festival?

La Tomatina is Spain’s tomato throwing festival that takes place annually on the last Wednesday in August in Buñol, a town and municipality in the province of Valencia, Spain.


Where is the Tomato Capital of the US?

The City of Jacksonville, Texas is home to one of Federal Heath’s four manufacturing facilities and at least 175, 665 lb. concrete tomatoes. A look at Jacksonville’s history reveals that the City was once known as the Tomato Capital of the World in the 1930’s, and still celebrates with a Tomato Fest each June.


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