March 1, 2022

Saltimbocca is a Classic Dish You Must Try at Grico’s

At Grico’s, we serve only the most high-quality, classic meals that every guest is sure to enjoy. While many of our dishes might be your favorite traditional comfort food, like penne bolognese or chicken parmesan, some dishes might be a little less familiar. One of our dishes you might not have tried before, but should try next time you come to Grico’s is saltimbocca.

Saltimbocca is literally Italian for “it jumps in the mouth,” which tells you right away how flavorful this dish is. If you’re interested in trying saltimbocca at Grico’s, here’s a little more information about this classic, delicious dish.

What is Saltimbocca Made Of?

Like many great Italian foods, saltimbocca is loaded with flavor, but is fairly simple when it comes to the ingredients it’s made with. A classic saltimbocca is made with veal and wrapped in prosciutto and sage. With tender veal, salty prosciutto, and an earthy, herbaceous taste of sage, this meal has more than enough flavor.

While saltimbocca traditionally uses veal, you can order this dish with chicken instead at Grico’s. What is included with saltimbocca varies depending on where you go, and ours comes with spinach and fresh mozzarella.

Where Did Saltimbocca Originate?

Saltimbocca is widely recognized as a dish that originated in Rome. Many classic Roman dishes have a long past, but no one is exactly sure of just how old saltimbocca is. As it’s made with only a handful of simple ingredients, it’s likely that this recipe dates back centuries in Roman culture. The first written document of saltimbocca was in 1891 by Pellegrino Artusi, who claimed in his cookbook Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well that he had the dish at a Roman trattoria.

However, Rome isn’t the only place where you can find a dish like saltimbocca. A similar dish is also popular in Switzerland, and some claim that it might not even be Roman in origin at all. Brescia, a city located in the region of Lombardy, Italy, which borders Switzerland, is known for a dish called uccelli scappati, which is very close to the recipe for saltimbocca. Uccelli scappati is typically made with either veal or pork and is wrapped in pancetta and sage. The literal translation for uccelli scappati is “escaped birds” and is thought of as a dish that was made after unsuccessful bird hunts.

Meat like chicken, veal, and pork wrapped in various types of cured meat can be found in many different regions and cultures throughout history, so traditional dishes like saltimbocca are hard to pinpoint. These recipes stand the test of time for a reason – they’re delicious, whether it’s a cultural meal you grew up with or it became a favorite later in life.

Try Saltimbocca and Other Classic Dishes at Grico’s

The best dishes are often those that don’t have a definable history. They might not have been written about for centuries, but people still learned them and passed them on for generations and generations. Today, they’re some of the most beloved meals out there. At Grico’s, you can find amazing classic cuisine prepared by our staff. Whether you’re in the mood for steak, seafood, pasta, or more, you can find something perfect when you come to Grico’s for dinner.

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