December 27, 2019

Predicting Dining Trends for 2020

We’re only days away from a new decade. And with a new decade comes year’s worth of predictions of what is to be expected. If we think back to the late ’90s and what we imagined the 2000s being, we surely thought everything would be in the space age: robot waiters, intergalactic menus, and holographic meals (with half the calories, of course). 

But that certainly isn’t what the last decade has included. Instead, we’ve seen a rise in food trucks and wellness shots.  

But what dining trends can we expect for the 2020s? Will speakeasies and flappers take the world by storm? Or will we have direct flights to the moon to enjoy a romantic space dinner?

We can’t guarantee any of that, but we can share with you what restaurant experts are saying will be on the rise in 2020 as told by QSR magazine.

Food on demand.

Many cities in the United States are having immediate delivery access to restaurants at the press of a button. With apps like GrubHub, UberEats, and PostMates, more restaurants will continue to adapt to consumer needs of food on the go, directly to their doorstep. 

Employee Benefits, Benefit Restaurant Biz.

Technology will be huge, of course, but so will putting the power in the employees’ hands. We may see a rise in restaurants offering educational benefits to employees to ensure their employees succeed personally, thus helping the business to succeed, too. 

With an increased pressure to raise the minimum wage, restaurant owners will also be looking to streamline the hiring process and ways to boost employee morale so employees not only work at an establishment, but they want to stay there and prosper professionally. 

Sustainable Practices.

Consumers are more aware than ever of the waste produced by the mass markets. Dining establishments that boast eco-friendly behaviors will continue to grow with the population wanting to do their part to save the planet. 

Guest Focus.

Though technology and delivery is important, so will be the face-to-face interaction of guests and servers. Restaurants can be expected to utilize technology in a way that will make the employee’s job more efficient, so they can focus on the guest in front of them. 


How food tastes is important, but where you eat it matters, too. Not only are we looking for a dish we can share on Instagram, but a backdrop for out date night pics. The atmosphere of the establishment will be important to get customers in the door and for them to want to come back. And restaurant goers will be sure to let owners know through digital reviews and social media, making the experience go full circle. 

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