August 31, 2022

Our Late Night Menu Is Perfect for A Party

The food that belongs at a party is quite different from the food that should be served at a work function or wedding. Work functions need food that you can eat in your hands while you talk and mingle that won’t be too noisy while others are talking. Wedding cuisine is usually a complete and full meal and one that won’t make a mess when everyone is dressed up. Party food is supposed to be something you can eat fast, that fills your stomach, and tastes really good. Our Late Night menu is perfect for that.

What’s on Our Late Night Menu?

Our Late Night menu is full of classic party foods and has something for everyone. Odds are good that someone will have several choices to choose from. Don’t expect to be taking home leftovers after people get the first bite out of the best this catering menu has to offer.

Old Forge Style Red Pizza

Old Forge-style pizza is something everyone in the area is familiar with. It’s fluffy square pizza that’s covered in cheese and red sauce – something that people can’t get enough of. It’s the perfect party food, including for your vegetarian guests. We serve ours with 12 to 15 cuts so that each pie has enough pieces to feed plenty of people at your party.

Soy Noodles with Baby Shrimp

Shrimp is one of the most popular kinds of seafood in the world because of its scrumptious juicy taste and how it pairs well with nearly any sauce, meat, soup, rice, and more. That’s why we pair our shrimp with soy noodles, so they can amplify what makes the other taste so good.

To make them easy to hold and eat as the party is moving, they come in Chinese takeout containers with chopsticks. No fuss, no mess, and all the fun of eating shrimp and noodles in one dish.

Texas-Style Dogs

These all-beef hot dogs are covered in spicy ballpark-style mustard, chopped onions, chili sauce, tomatoes, and minced onion to make you feel like you’re eating at a ball game. Our hot dogs will be flying off the tables in no time.


These sandwiches come on toasted bread with an assortment of different fillings. They’re crunchy in your mouth, and the bread has a smoky taste that you just can’t get enough of.

We make our paninis with:

  • Ham and cooper cheese
  • Salami, capocollo, provolone, and banana peppers
  • Tomato, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, and pesto

Mini Cheeseburgers

Cheeseburgers are so good that someone had the fantastic idea to make them mini so we could eat them on the go. Our mini sliders have everything that makes a full-sized hamburger great, with cheese, tender meat, flavorful toppings, and soft buns. You can’t go wrong with mini cheeseburgers, and you can’t go wrong with our Late Night menu.

Find the Best Party Food at Grico’s!

Our Late Night menu was designed to meet the needs of the party crowd. It’s full of crowd-pleasing appetizers and entrees that people can grab and eat on the go, while the music is blaring and everybody is dancing. We want to serve food that fills up guests who worked up an appetite on the dance floor. That’s our Late Night menu!

Next time you’re planning a party, don’t try to cook everything yourself, or try somewhere else, go for the foods you know everyone will love. Call Grico’s catering!

For your catering needs please contact our Catering Coordinator to discuss details. Email her at or she can be reached at 570-690-3339. If you want to taste our food before you get our catering, make a reservation.