August 24, 2022

Farm to Table Tonight!

We love supporting our local farms and small businesses, especially when they supply us with fresh ingredients for our kitchen. We’re having a special Farm to Table four-course dinner every Wednesday for several more weeks (August 24 – September 14). This reservation-only event features two appetizers, an entree, and an unforgettable dessert.

We use as many ingredients as we can directly from our local farms so everything tastes as fresh as can be. This includes locally farmed vegetables, fruits, and herbs. If you want to know what to expect tonight, let’s go through our four courses.

The First Course

For our first course, we have house-made pasta with julienne summer vegetables that also come garnished with sweet basil pesto. With these diced vegetables and basil pesto, you have the perfect mix for your pasta.

The Second Course

For those who love their greens, the Arugula Salad served in the second course is perfect for you. We make it with home-grown tomatoes and cucumbers that aren’t so easy to come by. We also pair it with Green Goddess dressing, a creamy and herb-filled way to add flavor to your salad.

The Entree

For your dinner, we’re serving our Golden Tilefish. These are sometimes called the “clown of the sea” for their outlandish appearance. They’re mostly from the Northern Atlantic but are farmed and fished up and down the Eastern coast. This is how we have ours shipped directly to our restaurant. To keep with our theme, we want it as fresh as can be.

Then, to make it the best tilefish you’ll ever have, we combine it with creamed corn from local farms and use local tomatoes in an heirloom tomato Fresca. It’s the perfect combination of flavor to go with a Cajun Blackened tilefish.

The Dessert

If you’re not full after the first three courses, we will end the night with a special dessert. Our Sweet Corn Creme Brulee is especially sweet and topped with fresh blackberry and mint garnish. It’s the perfect dessert to end the night on!

Reserve Your Spot for Our Farm-to-Table Night!

Reservation is required for our Farm to Table night, so reserve your spot while they’re still available! Treat yourself this Wednesday night with fresh ingredients that support our local farms, and provide you with several meals you won’t soon forget. Call 570-654-9120 to reserve your spot at Grico’s Classic Cuisine and Catering.