July 13, 2019

Farm-to-Table: Is It Really Better?

One of the largest growing trends in the restaurant industry is food that is considered farm-to-table. Many of you have most likely heard this term before, but do you know what it really means? Also, is it really better than the food you are typically served anytime you visit a restaurant?

The History of Farm-to-Table

First things first — farm-to-table means the food that comes to your table came directly from a specific farm, usually local to your area. That means the food is at peak freshness, which creates a better experience for the customer. This food does not go through a store, market, or any kind of distributor along the way. Some people also refer to farm-to-table as farm-to-fork.

The idea is by no means just an idea anymore – it’s a full-blown movement. Up until the 1970s, processed food reigned supreme over the restaurant industry. It wasn’t until the “hippie” movement that organic food started sweeping the nation. The growth and scalability of the farm-to-table movement was trending in an upward direction from that point forward.

Five years ago, farmers markets were not what they are today. Now, almost every town and city has a farmers market locally that is booming!

The Benefits of Farm-to-Table

We have a big problem in our modern society – we don’t know where the food we eat comes from! We are putting things into our bodies that could be of poor quality and with little to no nutrition. Farm-to-table food solves this problem.

By eating food that comes straight from a farm, you can trace the source of the ingredients and know that what the chef is creating for is made of the highest and freshest quality available. The fresher the ingredients, the more nutritious the food will be, which will only provide health benefits to your body.

Farm-to-table also helps local economies by eliminating the need for outside resources. More products will be bought from local farms or grocers, making the community stronger. It gives restaurants the best ingredients which will have customers lining up to come back through the door.

Sustainability is also a byproduct of farm-to-table food. The core ideas that guide the farm-to-table movement exist in a way that doesn’t stifle the ability of future generations to meet their food needs and doesn’t destroy resources in the process.

Farm-to-Table at Grico’s

At Grico’s, we take farm-to-table very seriously. For years, every summer, we have hosted a Farm-to-Table dinner where customers will be able to try only the freshest food our area has to offer. Much of our food comes from locally grown farms as Golomb’s Farm, Dymonds, Braces Orchard, PA Proud, Rowlands Produce, Omalia’s Greenhouse, Beta Bakery, Hillside Farms, Miller’s Farm, and Hopkins Farm and more.

Join us Wednesday evenings throughout September. Reservations are required for this event. For more information or to reserve your table, call us at (570) 654-9120 today!