June 11, 2021

Catering Post-Covid: What You Need To Know

COVID-19 has managed to turn the entire world upside down and now, has led to changes across a variety of industries–including food service! As more families and groups across the Commonwealth are preparing to host parties and events once more, there are some catering post-Covid tips you should know!

#1. Catered Meals With Safety in Mind

We all loved the box lunches at elementary school field day and field trips. Now in a post-Covid world, there are ways you can bring back the boxed lunch in a sophisticated way.

To reduce the spread of germs between employees and guests, gone are the days of self-serve buffets. Now, there are options to make your event classy and safe.

  • Individually Packaged Appetizers & Desserts: Let’s face it, there’s nothing more convenient than food on the go. While those pre-wrapped items are handy for a busy day, they also are food-safe in our post-pandemic life. Individually wrapped appetizers and desserts help keep germs at bay while giving your guest serving sized portions!
  • Boxed Meals: Just like those field trip lunches, box lunches are a fun way to host your summer event while keeping your friends and family safe. Whether you have guests pick a menu item or you give everyone a bit of everything, boxed meals are a great way to keep guests safe and tummies full.
  • Unique Food Presentation: We know that toss-away dishes and utensils are often met with skepticism, but using materials that guests can grab on their own and no one has to touch after eating is a perfect way to keep vendors safe. Amazon has great options for pretty dishware that is also germ safe.

#2. Serve Safely

Mask mandates may be lifting, but it doesn’t mean all of the precautions we have been taking have to go away.

If you are hosting an event where guests self-serve, you can always implement a mask and sanitizer station, just for when guests are by the food. In addition, you can add gloves for guests to wear while using shared serving tools. 

#3. Call Grico’s!

At Grico’s, we’re all about safety and style. Let us help you cater your next event. Our team abides by CDC guidelines and we can work with you to come up with a plan to keep all attendees and our staff safe.

Plan for your event by contacting our catering coordinator today by emailing afriedman@gricosrestaurant.com or by calling 570-690-3339. For premier catering in the Wyoming Valley, choose Grico’s.