October 15, 2021

Best Menus for Your Halloween Party Catering

With Halloween rapidly approaching, you might be considering having a spooky Halloween party. These parties are a great opportunity to see friends and family, dress up in fun costumes, and have fun! But if you’re hosting or in charge of picking a place, you’ve suddenly become responsible for food. That’s a lot of stress to have instead of enjoying yourself, so why not make it easy with catering from Grico’s? We have a multitude of menus and options, including gluten-free choices, to make your party the tastiest one yet!

Classic Buffet

A menu you should consider for your upcoming Halloween party is our “Classic Buffet” menu. With this menu, you have the ability to choose one starter, two entrees, and two sides. Included in the starters section of the menu are options such as mixed greens, salads, and a selection of soups to choose from to start your party off on the right foot.

In the entree section of your Halloween catering, you’re able to select two delicious meals to fill up your friends and family, while leaving a little room for the Halloween candy. The options for entrees include chicken breasts, shrimp, and chicken in lemon beurre blanc. We also offer a variety of filets and a few types of lasagnes.

To wrap up our “Classic Buffet” menu, you have the option to select two side dishes for your party that include rice, potatoes, and fresh vegetables. Our sides also include coffee service to keep your party awake and energized!

Beverage Stations

Along with all the great food, we have you covered with our beverage stations, perfect for any Halloween party that has over 35 guests. The beverage stations include a flavored water station and a hot chocolate station.

Flavored water adds a little extra life to your drink and we can provide you with different flavors. We offer lemon and cucumber basil waters, as well as different combinations that you can check out, ranging from blackberry, orange, and ginger, to pineapple, coconut, and lime. There’s a flavor to quench everyone’s thirst at your monster mash!

As we get deeper into Fall, we start to see the days become shorter, the leaves fall, and a certain chill floats through the wind — all meaning that winter is on the horizon. No better drink to warm you up than a nice cup of hot chocolate. We have multiple side options that you can put in your hot chocolate or dip as you go! Choose from marshmallows, crushed peppermints, mint chocolate chips, whipped cream, and more!

Late Night Menu

Considering having your Halloween party after dinner time, but still want to provide your guests with a few snacks at your Halloween bash? We have you covered! Our late night menu is a great way to feed your guests if you are just trying to provide some finger foods. This menu consists of your typical bar food, from pizza and hot dogs to mini cheeseburgers and pretzel sticks — even some desserts with mini chocolate chip cookies and a smores bar. This is the perfect option for a casual late night party if you want to just provide some tiny treats!

If You Need Catering for Your Halloween Party, Call Grico’s!

If you are interested in any of those options and what to learn more, or if you want to view some additional menus, you can check out our website for additional information. You can contact us via phone at 570-654-9120 or email us at sstrellish@gricosrestaurant.com. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you a Happy Halloween!