March 6, 2020

An Important Message About Our Coronavirus Prevention Efforts

Sanitize grico'sAs more and more cases of the coronavirus begin to appear throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, Friedman Property Management believes it is important for our customers to know what we as a restaurant group are doing to protect the health of our customers and our employees.

We will continue to thoroughly sanitize our restaurants, as we always do, and will implement a vigorous cleaning protocol during peak hours. This includes wiping down chairs and tables, door handles, coat rack areas, menus, and many other items that you may not realize carry hidden germs when dining in our restaurants.

In addition, we will be adding hand sanitizers in all our common areas. It is strongly recommended that everyone uses these sanitizers as you enter and exit our restaurants to kill coronavirus on your hands.

In our kitchens, all our food handlers always wear gloves that are changed often. Their hands are washed in between glove changes as it should be a common practice for all kitchens.

We all want to be proactive for the safety of our employees and customers. We encourage all of our employees to stay home if they are feeling ill or has a family member that is ill. In the event an employee begins to feel unwell at work, he/she will be sent home for the rest of the evening. Since we are a team, we will cover their shifts accordingly and will provide sick pay to the employee, which can be very helpful during situations like these.

We all can do our part and be a small voice for our industry. Friedman Properties Management supports all our neighbors in continuing to keep good sanitation programs in place at our restaurants and making every effort to keep our employees healthy and our patrons enjoying dining out!